Another Colorado personhood amendment fails

By Peri Duncan

Special to Under the Flatirons

For the third time in the last four elections, Coloradans voted down a “personhood” amendment to the state constitution.

This time, it was Amendment 67, which lost by about a 2-to-1 margin. As of noon on Wednesday November 5, the amendment had garnered only 35.5 percent of the votes cast versus 64.4 percent against. Should that margin stand, however, it would be the greatest percentage of Coloradans voting for the measure in the history of personhood legislation.  Continue reading


VoteNo67 falsely claims that Amendment 67 would ban all abortions

By Peri Duncan
CU News Corps

The personhood issue in the upcoming midterms in Colorado is Amendment 67, also referred to as the “Brady Amendment.” This year it is centered on the premise that pregnant mothers and their unborn children need greater protection from violence than Colorado law already provides. Continue reading