Faux magazine covers

Working with a group of students at CU to start a student publication I made a few joke covers for our potential magazine. Links below!

NonFat, v1

The mark, v1


Colorful Forest

A painting I completed in April 2015. Acrylic paints on a 16″ x 20″ canvas. Looking up through colorful trees at the night sky. ­čÖé
Rainbow Forest

Waldo Canyon Fire Colorado Flag Mural

During┬ámy freshman year (2012-2013) at CU, I lived in Crosman hall in the engineering quad, where at the time they allowed us to paint murals on the wall. I had lost my house in the Waldo Canyon fire in the summer of 2012, and this design idea (which came together through a collaboration of various other designs) kept coming up in my head. The painting was approved and I spent approximately 7 hours working on it, using generic wall paint supplied by the university. The surrounding hand prints are those of other residents in my hall, and represent the community that surrounds disasters such as this fire. The design is a Colorado flag with the top half of blue as a mountain, and the yellow part in the C as a spreading fire. I put birds on most of my art because I find them to be uplifting and a sign that everything will be alright, and there are three birds flying above the top edge of the mountain. In small print is says “Waldo Canyon 2012” along with my name.┬á Continue reading

The Hulk – Longboard Painting

As a quick background – my roommate freshman year of college bought a longboard and promptly broke her foot riding it. The initial design had green as a main color and it has purple wheels – therefore, we nicknamed it “The Hulk” because it broke her foot, and I repainted the bottom with the following design. These pictures follow the process I took in designing, sketching and painting it. Before these pictures I sanded the bottom and painted it the solid green color as seen below.


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